Sunday, 6 December 2009


Sneeuberg is the highest peak in the Cederberg, at 2027m. It's a big climb best done in two days from the valley, overnighting at Sneeuberg Hut. The climb is either from the Maltese Cross path, or from Eikebome up an amazingly twisted gravel pass built by Thomas Bain, ending at the hut. Sneeuberg hut is literally 3 walls and a roof - the fourth wall is a huge boulder and the floor is straw. Interesting small rodents and running water (in a rainstorm) are an added feature. This is a Real Mountain Hut and one of my favourite places to stay.

The climb to Sneeuberg from the Maltese Cross / Sneeuberg Hut level is steep and straight. The final rocky stretch to the summit is tricky, especially in bad weather - but the summit is very worthwhile.

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