Sunday, 6 December 2009

Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area

Groot Winterhoek is an area of mountains roughly 200 km from Cape Town where you can find peace and tranquility without having to kill yourself climbing some huge peak - although there are huge peaks there if you want them. Famous for the pool "De Hel", one of the biggest pools in the Cape, with spectacular cliffs around it and a waterfall. For the waterbabies there are some excellent kloofing trips down the Vier-en-twintig Riviere, ending with a jump into Die Hel.

Since it is a Wilderness Area, you may hike and camp where you like. There are a few huts with concrete floors and little else, or you can stay under the oaks at one of several abandoned farms. For the psychos, Groot Winterhoek peak at 2078m is a strenuous climb best attempted over two or more days. Beware of winter trips as you may well be trapped on the wrong side of the causeway at Driebosfontein.

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