Sunday, 6 December 2009

Northern Cederberg: Pakhuis / Heuningvlei circuit

There's an interesting 3-day circuit in the Northern Cederberg, starting at the campsite on Pakhuis Pass - the first day is along a new path from the pass to a surprising cave half way along Krakadouwpoort. The second day heads up the kloof towards Heuningvlei village. It's not too far from there to Krakadouw Peak, which I'm told is fantastic. The last day heads along a gravel track back to Pakhuis - where there are hot showers. A big plus.

The three heaviest rainstorms I've ever camped and hiked in were all near Heuningvlei. On one hike we got so badly lost in a storm that we were 8 hours late in our return, and spent the night realising that caves are formed by running water. The hikes were still worth it, even with soaking socks and frozen toes.

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