Sunday, 6 December 2009

Kleinmond / Koggelberg area

Another one sent by a reader, who I have since lost touch with:

"We live on a plateau on the top of the Kogelberg mountains behind Kleinmond. It's the only farm on the mountain and surrounded by state forest and adjacent to the Kogelberg Biosphere. A truly beautiful place with vineyards, apples and pears. We have a 15ha dam stocked with telapia and a couple of houses on the farm. The farm is overlooking the Elgin valley to the north and about 7km from the beach between Kleinmond and the Botriver lagoon to the south. Some of the existing hiking trails go past our farm, but are seldomly used, and we've always thought it a good idea to have hikers over for a night or two on their way to Betty's Bay, Kleinmond or Gordons Bay. Would like to hear from you."

24 September 2000

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